The Octopus Season in Morocco… Best Prices

Dakhla, Morocco

After the COVID19 pandemic has reached its last phase in almost all regions of the country, daily life started getting back to its normal rate, as well as the country’s economy.

As the fishing season started last month, we’ve noticed the quality of all Seafood as it was many decades ago. The long lock-down the country applied to its citizens and most businesses helped the ocean and all its elements to recuperate from the damage the sea traffic has caused. As a result, these circumstances added more to the value of its seafood products since Morocco already offers one of the best quality seafood in the Global market.

All these elements and others made this year’s octopus season, which started just last week, exceptional. The quality of the Octopus that is currently being offered in the market is very special, at almost half the regular price of the famous Moroccan Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris).

Here, at Aicha International, as we are always monitoring and working very closely with all elements of the Moroccan Seafood, We have the most current and updated prices in the market. We’ve been sending our offers to our clients to take advantage of this opportunity before the prices go up again to its normal rate.

So, in case you have any demand or need to stock this exceptional quality Octopus before the prices increase, let us know to send you our 2-week-valid quotation. Our team is ready to help you immediately.

Aicha International Team
09 July 2020